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The email traffic data of this website may monitored and the content of e-mails on this website. The email from this website may contain information which is privileged, confidential and protected from disclosure. If you are not the intended recipient of any E-mail or any part of it from this website, please telephone my department immediately on receipt. You should not disclose the contents to any other person or take copies.

The contact details for this legal Department is stated below. This Legal department protects all the interests of David Abiodun Kolawole Babatunde ONAFEKO. This Legal department is authorised to accept service of  legal document(s) on behalf of the said David Abiodun K.G.B. Onafeko. This Legal department may from time to time instruct independent Solicitors or Barristers to act on behalf of the said David Abiodun K.G.B. Onafeko under specific written instruction(s). This Legal Department may also from time to time take out specific insurance policy to protect the interest(s) of the said David Abiodun K.G.B. Onafeko.

It is illegal for anyone not specifically authorised in writing by this Department to put out self as acting on the behalf of the said David Abiodun K.G.B. Onafeko. Any such individual or persons or group will be vigoruosly prosecuted.

Except for the above, David Abiodun K.G.B. Onafeko has not asked anyone to contact you, deal/act on his behalf, in any way/manner/form. If in doubt, please  contact this legal department by email via:



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I also accept service of summons and legal documents in Ireland, Nigeria and United States. If any of these countries are applicable to you, please send an email initially to "admin@dakgb-onafeko.asia" , for the appropraite address.

Hackers, Trespassers to this webspace will be vigorously prosecuted, including any Illegal access (in any way/manner/form) to the any part of server of this website, webspace, emails etc. contained therein. If you are in receipt of any document(s) from this webiste, not addressed to you, and/or obtain such document(s) by any form of illegality or without written permission from David Abiodun K.G.B. Onafeko, you much refrain from using such document(s), disclosing any part thereof to any person and report such to David Aiodun Kolawole Gbolahan Babtunde Onafeko in writing immediately by sending email to:


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For postal service of Court Summons, Court Documents, Legal Process etc., please send correspondence to (Mail collection Centre. Strictly No Visiting): 

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